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Once upon a time, my grandfather had 200 goats.
See, addictions and weird obsessions are a thing in my family. If there was a family business to be had here, it would be going waaaaay overboard with things you wouldn’t think you could be addicted to.
so yes, at one stage my grandfather had 200 goats. he didn’t milk them or farm them for anything useful. He just let them breed and roam into other people’s farm land.
I’m sure it was quite traumatic for his kids, a the time, but I wasn’t born back then. So I find it hilarious. Hilarious and useful.
because whenever my mother comes to me and says something like; “You’ve been on that computer all week,” or “I haven’t seen you eat anything but tea and toast for two days,” or, “yon ipod has been hanging out of your ears for a fortnight now,” 
the only reply I need is a shrug and “at least it isn’t 200 goats.”
and all she can do in return is sigh and concede because, yeah. Its not 200 goats.


Mar. 11th, 2013 07:08 pm
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 Well, I decided to make a dreamwidth account and now I feel the need to make an intro post?
I don't really know what I'm gonna do with this thing yet, but recently I've been craving some internet communities a bit less ... transient, than tumblr. I have a vague notion that I had a livejournal account years ago so I didn't wanna go there.
(Oh yes I have a tumblr)

I sort of skim interests, but I may be using this as a place to write. 
because no one knows me here, not pressure to be good whilst I learn *shimmys*
But yes I am here, and I have no idea why.

(also my keyboard is banjaxed as fuck , bear with me)


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